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The Girl With All the Text is live. At least as an eBook. Print is lagging as they check it more closely. Still, an interesting moment. I haven’t sold a bazillion copies immediately, so I’m still not sure how this will go. As with most books these days, it could go either way, really. It’s good to be done, but I’ve got another couple novels sitting at 50k words each that I need to finish up.

Should be nice to switch back to LitRPG which is more for pure entertainment. While The Girl With All the Text has a story and entertains, I also tried to embed a message within it. I’m not sure yet if people will see / notice yet, but it might happen. Just as the sales might suddenly skyrocket if the right person sees it at the right time and dominoes begin to fall in a perfect order.

I will likely be adding “addendums” to The Girl With All the Text book here in the near future. I don’t think I’ve yet said everything I want to about AI and the future of literature. Stay tuned…

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