The Air Conditioned Singularity

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One of the things I’ve enjoyed about The Girl With All the Text project is drawing on all the literature I’ve experienced over the years. I remember many hours (days) of sitting in a room and reading Henry Miller, Dostoevsky, and other literary greats.

I understand my inability to create a literary masterpiece over the course of a few weeks, but I think I’ve been able to harness some of the power of literature in The Girl With All the Text project. Was I successful? That remains to be seen.

While I’ve contemplated literature in this novel, I also wanted it to be an interesting cyberpunk novel that not only shared a message but also entertained on one level or another. Again, it remains to be seen if I’ve accomplished this goal.

This is probably why I’m stalling during the editing stage of The Girl With All the Text. With all that said, I’m working on launching the book this coming week. Stay tuned…

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